About me

Hi, I'm Chris.

My Story

Already in my childhood creativity played a very big role for me: I spent hours drawing, studying the poses of my favorite superheroes in comic books, or making up all kinds of stories.

That's why I wanted to study something related to art or design right after high school. However, things turned out differently when I came into contact with the topic of entrepreneurship during an internship at a start-up. I wanted to know more and could imagine starting a company myself one day, which is why I studied business administration in Augsburg.

After graduation, I tried out a few areas in my first jobs. This allowed me to gain experience in Online Marketing and IT Recruiting. However, I didn't really feel fulfilled in those roles.

In my last position as a recruiter, I then stumbled across the job profile of the UX Designer and was immediately excited about it: a multidisciplinary problem solver who finds human-centered solutions. That's what I want to be!

I decided to study again and received my Bachelor's degree in User Experience Design at the Technical University in Ingolstadt in 2023.

In September 2023, I started working as a UX Researcher in the R&D department of the robotics company KUKA, where I research user contexts and user groups, test UX concepts and software products, and explore human-centred AI.

For more details on my career steps, feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile! I look forward to connecting with you there.